13 Things To Do In Lawrence Instead of Studying for Finals

Any college student anywhere knows the feeling of being completely delirious that comes along with finals week. And it’s not just finals week, but the couple of weeks beforehand, when you’re either just realizing that it’s almost finals week, or your professors have decided to give you your final early, or you’re just completely focused… Continue reading 13 Things To Do In Lawrence Instead of Studying for Finals

갠사스 날씨와 계절

Spoken Form: 캔사스에는 네 계절이 있는데 중에서 저는 봄과 가을을 좋아해요. 그래서 봄과 가을이 더 길었으면 좋겠어요. 가을에는 날씨도 시원해지고 자연도 아주 아름다워져요. 봄에는 비가 자주 와서 글쓰기에 좋기 때문에 봄도 좋아해요. 비가 오면 스트레스를 풀 수 있어서 좋거든요. 봄에 꽃도 많이 피고 날씨도 덥지 않아서 지내기에 좋아요. 저는 겨울하고 여름을 별로 안 좋아하는데 둘… Continue reading 갠사스 날씨와 계절

Personality Profile: Sihka Ann Destroy

LAWRENCE LOVES ITS LAST CARNIVAL October 29, 2018 8:00 AM A mother goes on a school trip with her daughter as a chaperone. It’s the mother’s idea to sneak away from the group one morning to go take a private lesson in the Spanish web. A sudden rise in altitude was already getting to her… Continue reading Personality Profile: Sihka Ann Destroy

I Know. I Knew.

Here’s Bethany. A tall mug of coffee in one hand, Pride and Prejudice in the other. Her laptop is sitting, open, on the table in front of her, completely covered in stickers. “It’s okay, I’m usually alone”, “Manhappiness, Kansas”, “Legacy”, “Stranger Reduction Zone”, they read. Although she might have been doing homework on her laptop… Continue reading I Know. I Knew.